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Marketer creating with #nocode & curious about web3 🟣 Driven by intuition. Always playing the long game πŸ‘Š

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Since 1991.

Occasional binge-watcher

Don't recommend me non-addictive TV shows.


Tropical vibes only.

Proud to be part of πŸ‘‡

Here are some of the products and the projects I am actively involved in with lots of love, devotion, determination and curiosity. Do what you love and love what you do!

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Community & Growth at Enzyme

Enzyme (Techstars '21 Berlin cohort) is the go-to destination for building web3 - the NoCode way.

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Marketing & Communications at GSIX.team

Distributed network of software engineers and handpicked developers around the world.

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Coding Bootcamp is divided into three academies for frontend, backend and android mobile development.

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The fastest way to build audience before launch!
β€” with built-in motivation, engagement and API. 

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Your Idea Sucks

Startup community initiative to help fresh founders validate their idea faster with LDJ.

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Hair On Your Screen 

Turn your phone into prank mode and have fun with your friends.

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